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You willingly sold me a unsafe vehicle.

Let me start with the items that I found in the began to drive the Van. The oil pressure was about 25lbs & as soon as the engine got hot the oil pressure would drop to zero when when ever you were coasting or at a stop sign. The red “check gages” light would come on because it was reading zero pressure.

My grandson was the first driver & after a couple of hours it was my turn to drive. I accelerated to freeway speed & the handling of the van was so erratic that it frightened me & I had to reduce my speed 20 MPH to avoid being pushed around by passing trucks & cars and into a collision or forced off the road. I thought it might just need a front end alignment, but when having it done I found that the upper idler arms were shot & that was what was causing the van to wander so dangerously all over the road. They advised me that there was a tremendous amount of rust underneath the van. I dismissed this because of your assurances when I asked about the possibility of rust when I was considering the purchase.

Then Yesterday my mechanic was doing a oil change. He said the oil was very thick, I guess it was to cover up the lack of oil pressure. My mechanic was stunned at the irreversible amount of rust. He found that the sway bar had been so rusted that it broke away from the frame that someone had welded a plate to the frame in an effort to secure it back to the frame. He also found that a front shock mount had also rusted away from it’s mounting to the frame & it had also had a replacement plate welded in.

I trusted you to tell me the truth about the Van I purchased from you online, even though I asked you to be honest with me. I specifically asked you about the possibility of rust & you put my mind at ease with your answers. My mechanic feels that this van is unsafe & that other things will fall off their rusted mountings.

While he was under the van I had asked him to find the source of the oil dripping in my garage floor & he found the real engine seal was leaking & the transmission will need to be removed to replace it.

In other emails, you have ignored, I informed you that the windshield wipers only will work intermittently, the heater stops blowing whenever the engine is under a strain, such as going up a hill, and the right headlight housing was broken and the light would only illuminate about 20 feet in front of the van at night, which made night driving unsafe.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of sold me a unsafe vehicle. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of van and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5990. Premiere Motorsports needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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